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Our Company has professionals who can fix all kinds of TV brands, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic,TCL , Sony, Hisense, Toshiba, and All other Brands.



LED TVs are very complicated Electronics that were made in a very complicated way. In many cases, techs who aren’t properly trained or experienced try to fix problems with LED TVs but make the problem worse instead of better.

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Our Services

Television Repair

Our technicians who fix TVs and LCDs are highly trained and have years of experience fixing TVs and LCDs quickly and correctly. We have a standard set of tools, electronics tools and specialized materials that our techs use to get better results.

Washing Machine Repair

Any brand of washing machine can be fixed by us. Having trouble with your washing machine turning on or spinning right? We can fix any kind of washing machine.

Air Conditioner Repair

Whether you need AC repair, new installation, or service in Dubai, we've got you covered. If your air conditioner needs repair in Dubai, our technicians are well-equipped to handle the job.


Highly sought-after and intricate electrical devices, OLEDs are similar to LED televisions. People nowadays watch a plethora of movies and TV series on their OLEDs, among other types of streaming material.

Refrigerator Repair Service

Whether your refrigerator's light is out or not working, we can fix it. Compressor Causing Too Much Noise. Torn Gasket or Sealed Door. The freezer won't freeze.

Electric Stove Repair

Usually, dishwashers last a long time and don't have any problems, but occasionally, things go wrong. When it comes to dish washer repair, no one does it better than us in Dubai.

Screen Lines Fixing

Screen Bonding Machine

We Follow Best Practices

  • Lines in screen with water 
  • lines in screen with short curriculum 
  • No display 
  • Black Screen

About Us

We get that broken electronics and televisions need fixing quickly. That's why you can count on our expert team to deliver solutions quickly without sacrificing quality. Our standards are unmatched; we offer same-day repairs, authentic components, and a warranty that lasts 180 days.

We provide solutions for issues such as

Blank Screens
Half Blank Screens
Lines or Cracks Problem in TV Screen
Broken screen
Disrupted Images & Pixelations
Restart Issues

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Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond just fixing things. We help the world’s efforts to cut down on electrical waste by encouraging people to fix and reuse devices and TVs. Communities that want eco-friendly solutions like this method because it cares about the environment.

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Engineering Manager

Sadshi Wam

When my AC suddenly stopped working in the scorching Dubai heat, I reached out to WEFIXTV. The response was swift, and the technician diagnosed and fixed the issue in no time. The same-day repair service is a game-changer. Fantastic service!

Interior Designer

Rocky Mone

I was thrilled to find a one-stop-shop for all my appliance repair needs. From fixing my TV to repairing my washing machine and AC, WEFIXTV proved to be a reliable and versatile solution. The technicians were skilled, and the service was prompt. Highly recommend!


Snithh Dan

As a Samsung TV owner, finding experts who specialize in Samsung TV repair was a relief. WEFIXTV lived up to their reputation – the technicians were knowledgeable, and my TV was repaired with precision. The transparency in communication was an added bonus.


Ann Smith

When my electric stove malfunctioned, WEFIXTV came to the rescue. The technician was skilled and fixed the issue with precision. The service was professional, and I'm back to cooking without any worries. Thank you!