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Washing machine repair

Our customers benefit from repairing washing machines and dryers at a fixed price. The price includes a visit to your home, labour costs and the cost of all necessary spare parts.
Our washing machine repair specialists have extensive experience working with most brands on the market—some of the washing machines and dryer brands.

We are ready to help you six days a week. Do not wait for the situation to get worse. Timely repair of the washing machine will allow you to save on much more expensive repairs in the future. In addition, a specialist on the spot can diagnose your device and find out if additional corrections are required.

Trust the quality of our work. All repairs to washing machines and dryers come with a two-month warranty. Our weekend services are provided at no extra cost, and all work will be done with you on-site. Thus, we reduce the repair time and inconvenience caused by damaged equipment.

Call We Fix Tv today or use our Contact page to schedule a washing machine repair date right now.

Key Benefit of Service

  • Avoid Overloading
  • Load Clothing Evenly
  • Cleaning of Washer
  • Clean Dryer Ventilation
  • TubeVentilation Cap Area
  • Filter Clear
Washing Machine Repair
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